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Val Sabin’s range of Action Kids resources have been created for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Here you’ll find a range of fun activities that increase a child’s spatial awareness, physical skills and personal development. Action Babies Action Kids 500 Action Kids 121 Action Kids 162 (Parachute Games) Action Kids 600 Action Kids Compendium […]

Val Sabin Action Kids Compendium: Action Kids Compendium comprises of Action Kids 121 and Action Kids 162 Parachute Games. Please contact us for prices and to place your order. Action Kids Training Read about Action Kids Training Action Kids 121 Physical Development with Fun Activities for your child or small groups of 2 and 3 […]

Val Sabin Action Kids “My Busy Week”: The Action Kids A3 beautifully illustrated “My Busy Week” book shows how each day of the week presents a different way of travelling and helps children learn the order of the days. The DVD shows Theresa performing the different ways of travelling so children can copy them. As […]

Val Sabin Action Kids Song and Rhyme Books: Action Kids Song and Rhyme is a series of 3 A3 size books, each containing approximately 16 nursery rhymes to make songs and rhymes easily accessible for young children. Each A3 book is accompanied by a DVD with actions on 2 levels of complexity and a CD […]

Val Sabin Action Kids at Home: Action Kids at Home can be purchased as a set of 7 or individually. Each one of the Action Kids at Home series comprises a fold-up A3 sheet of card containing a unique set of 10 easy-to-use activities and an accompanying CD with 5 tracks of original music. Please […]

Val Sabin Action Kids After School Clubs: Action Kids “After School Clubs” session plans of physical activities with fun are specially designed for regular use with Reception and Key Stage 1 groups of children in After School or Lunch time clubs. The Physical development play and fun activities form a progressive and developmental programme. Containing […]

Val Sabin Action Kids 162 Parachute Games: Action Kids 162 Parachute Games includes examples of stories, action songs, role play, music etc which involve children moving with the parachute, going under it and on top of it and using small equipment and toys etc with it. The number of activities which can be delivered for […]

Val Sabin Action Kids Short Stories: This book includes 6 Action Kids Short Stories, all beautifully illustrated and with original music. Please contact us for prices and to place your order. Action Kids Short Stories Sample Pages View Action Kids Short Stories Sample Pages Action Kids Training Read about Action Kids Training Introduction to Action […]

Val Sabin Action Kids Animals: Action Kids Animals is a A3 bright and colourful, beautifully illustrated book with a CD of original music. 17 different animals are illustrated and children can sing along to the accompanying music and a DVD for children to copy the action. Please contact us for prices and to place your […]

Val Sabin Action Kids 600: Action Kids 600 provides a set of interesting, exciting, well-balanced activity plans containing adult-structured or adult-led activities designed to progress and develop children’s physical skills and understanding. Within each of the activities there are ample opportunities for children to have fun, to explore emotions, and to develop their own ideas. […]

Val Sabin Action Kids 500 (2-7 Year Olds): Action Kids 500 (2-7 Year Olds) is a comprehensive and user-friendly teaching manual and library of over 500 activities and 56 pieces of music specially designed for pre-school children. The teaching guide has information on: differentiation co-ordination balance, mobility spatial awareness manipulative aiming skills outdoor and indoor […]

Val Sabin Action Kids 121: Action Kids 121 is a user friendly manual and library of physical development with fun activities has been specially designed for two and three year old children at home, in playgroups or in nurseries. Please contact us for prices and to place your order. Action Kids 121 Sample Pages View […]

Val Sabin Action Kids Music and Movement: Action Kids 88 Music and Movement is a set of 17 colourful cards designed to encourage the physical development of pre-school children. Please contact us for prices and to place your order. Action Kids 88 Music and Movement Sample Pages View Action Kids 88 Music and Movement Sample […]

Val Sabin Action Babies (Birth-12 Months): Action Babies (Birth-12 Months) book includes 100 ideas for babies from birth to 6 months old and 100 ideas for older babies from 6 months to 12 months old. Please contact us for prices and to place your order. Action Babies Sample Pages View Action Babies Sample Pages Action […]

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