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Action Kids Animals with CD and DVD

Action Kids Animals is a A3 bright and colourful, beautifully illustrated book with a CD of original music.
17 different animals are illustrated and children can sing along to the accompanying music and a DVD for children to copy the action.

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Action Kids Animals Sample Pages

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Action Kids Training

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This multi-sensory programme promotes physical, emotional and language development using movement, song and rhyme. The beautiful, bright 3D illustrations will stimulate discussion and conversation. Combined with the bright and well-presented text, original songs and accompaying movements, the book makes for easy interaction whether you are with one child or a group of children. The DVD is rich in actions for each animal so you can switch from quiet discussion and singing to active, kinaesthetic learning and physical development.

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This will be a favourite with your children.

  1. Bee Song
  2. Chicken Song
  3. Caterpillar Song
  4. Crocodile Song
  5. Cuckoo Song
  6. Frog Song
  7. Giraffe Song
  8. Hippo Song
  9. Kangaroo Song
  10. Ladybird Song
  11. Magpie Song
  12. Monkey Song
  13. Sheep Song
  14. Snake Song
  15. Spider Song
  16. Squirrel Song
  17. Snail Song

Compiled by Val Sabin, Illustrated by Edina Lloyd, graphics by Daniel Jeffery.
Music arranged and performed by Jacob Grant.


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