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Action Kids 88 Music and Movement with CDs

Action Kids 88 Music and Movement is a set of 17 colourful cards designed to encourage the physical development of pre-school children.

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Introduction to Action Kids Music and Movement

The cards are bright, colourful and highly illustrated. There are between 4 and 7 main activities on each card, all of which have extensions and an accompanying piece of music. There are 86 main activities and tracks and 104 extensions.

There is 1 CD of music for every 3 cards, making a total of 5 CDs in the set. All the music is original and has been ‘specially written to accompany the movements.

There is also an edition which has 1 CD to each card and the cards are held in plastic wallets in a hardback file for practicality in a large nursery.

Encourage Physical Development

These cards have been designed to encourage physical development and play with fun. Whilst children are enjoying their activity, they are also learning through play.

Each card is themed so it will be easy to fit the movements into the theme or topic being explored by the children.

At the beginning of each card, there is a brief description of the reason for the theme and the importance of that particular set of activities to children’s development.

An Action Kids Warm-up and Calm-down Song are included as part of the package.

The themed cards are:

  • Marching
  • Skipping
  • Giants and Fairies
  • Wriggling, Shaking and Wobbling
  • Scarves / Ribbons / Streamers
  • Stomping / Running / Flying
  • Animals & Fish
  • Water
  • Move and Stop
  • Words and Actions
  • Dance, Beat & Shake (Percussion)
  • Wind Rain & Sunshine
  • Bouncing / Jumping / Bobbing up and down
  • My Busy Week
  • Quiet


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