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Val Sabin Sporty & Friends: Sporty & Friends are a healthy, active group of characters who young children can relate to. Sporty and Friends encourage activity and physical development in the early years. Children can move creatively to the original music and narrated story on CD or be stimulated by watching the accompanying DVD and […]

Val Sabin Action Kids “My Busy Week”: The Action Kids A3 beautifully illustrated “My Busy Week” book shows how each day of the week presents a different way of travelling and helps children learn the order of the days. The DVD shows Theresa performing the different ways of travelling so children can copy them. As […]

Val Sabin Action Kids Song and Rhyme Books: Action Kids Song and Rhyme is a series of 3 A3 size books, each containing approximately 16 nursery rhymes to make songs and rhymes easily accessible for young children. Each A3 book is accompanied by a DVD with actions on 2 levels of complexity and a CD […]

The 9 Story Journeys: The 9 Story Journeys is a highly kinaesthetic and engaging approach to improve writing for Key Stages 1 and 2. A practical approach to improve writing by Jane Considine. It provides a structural system for organising, analysing and constructing new stories. This categorisation system sorts narratives into their prominent type and […]

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