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To book your place on a Val Sabin Gymnastics KS1 and KS2 Training course please contact us on 01604 580974 or email:

NB. Inset options are available for Gymnastics KS1 and KS2 Training. These courses also have credits towards Level 5 Qualification. Learn more about Level 5 qualification.

Gymnastics Training 1 day course for:

Gymnastics Training Course Objectives:


  • To develop knowledge and understanding of movement principles, skills and lesson material for Reception and Key Stage 1.
  • To develop appropriate teaching and learning strategies.
  • To develop and explore a progressive Scheme of Work.

The Gymnastics Training course will develop and extend the knowledge and understanding of teachers in Reception and Key Stage 1 and build confidence in their delivery of gymnastic lessons.

It will examine and encourage progression and development from Reception through to year 6 using a whole school schematic approach.

Teaching of basic Gym

The progressive and safe teaching of basic Gymnastics skills will be explored, in both individual and pair situations.

Combined with an understanding of principles of movement, sequence-construction and extension will be developed both on floor and apparatus.

This will equip practitioners to encourage creativity and build in complexity as pupils’ progress through the school. The course will also thoroughly explore apparatus work in a way which will enable pupils to build confidence and develop skills.

Expected Standards

Expected minimum standards of performance will be identified in detailed and at the end of years 2, 4 and 6 help teachers make more accurate judgements of attainment and progress issues of differentiation and inclusion will be addressed.

As part of the course each participant will receive a detailed and comprehensive personal paperback abridged teaching manual and scheme of work containing one unit of work for each year group from Reception through to year 6.

Partnership courses should provide for one manual per school as part of the training.

Course members should dress appropriately for some practical participation.

Target Audience:

  • Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Teachers
  • Physical Education Co-ordinators
  • School Games Organisers

NB. This course is also available separately for Reception and Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 and could be delivered as a bespoke inset for individual schools.

A 1 day course for Gymnastics – Key Stage 3 & 4

 Course Objectives:

  • to develop knowledge and understanding of individual, pair and group gymnastics at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4
  • to enable teachers to develop stimulating and progressive schemes of work and use apparatus effectively and imaginatively

Whilst individual skill learning should always continue to be a major factor in the teaching of gymnastics, it is also recognised that skill adaptation, refinement and development in 2’s, 3’s and groups will provide more interesting and exciting work at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

This course will analyse and clarify principles of movement and provide teachers with the materials and extension activities to motivate pupils at Key Stages 3 & 4. Practical application and discussion will also further develop knowledge and understanding.


Practical core content will always remain constant because core skills and principles do not change but using them in more imaginative ways creates the motivation for pupils in secondary schools.

Therefore Core skills and essential principles of movement and sequence construction will be identified in some detail and these will be incorporated into more complex sequences and developed, adapted and refined for use on both floor and apparatus.

Expected Standards

Stimulating units of work will be explored and Minimum Expected Standards of performance will be identified in detail to enable teachers more accurately to define the Attainment and progress of their pupils. Course members should dress appropriately for some practical participation.

As part of the National or regional course each participant will receive detailed and comprehensive personal copy of the teaching manuals and schemes of work for Key Stages 3 and 4 Gymnastics.

Target Audience:

  • (Middle) Secondary Teachers of Physical Education
  • Physical Education Heads of Department

NB. This course could be delivered as an inset for a school but without the personal copy of the manual. Bespoke courses/insets can be delivered to meet the needs of the individual school.

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