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Read about the Val Sabin PE Planning and Policy manual.

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PE Planning & Policy Training for the Primary Curriculum (3-11)

Half Day Training


  • To understand the planning process and assessment.
  • To access expected minimum standards of performance and pre Ofsted checklist.
  • To develop a policy document.

The accompanying “Policy into Practice” manual contains a unique collection of Physical Education standards, systems and guidelines for primary schools (3 – 11 years) designed to propel the P.E. Co-ordinator quickly through the administration process, saving large amounts of time, whilst setting high quality standards for the school in policy, procedures and objectives.

Section 1

Planning is at the heart of the PE programme and this section works logically through Long (Key Stage & single year), Medium (unit of work), and Short Term lesson planning complete with a set of planning sheets.

Section 2

Minimum Expected Standards of performance in each of the six areas of the PE Curriculum detailing what most children should be able to achieve at 7 years, 9 years and 11 years.

Section 3

Guidelines for Assessment Recording and Reporting in Physical Education – why, what, how and for whom, complete with 5 sets of recording sheets to choose from or adapt according to your needs.

Section 4

Physical Development in the Foundation Stage. A comprehensive and detailed guide containing progressive objectives and possible Teaching Strategies for achieving The Early Learning Goals.

Section 5

Detailed guidance on how to construct a P.E policy document for primary schools.

Section 6

A pre-Ofsted inspection checklist of basic requirements (documentation and other aspects)

Achieve Physical Literacy Through Outstanding Physical Education


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