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Action Kids 162 Parachute Games publication with CD

Action Kids 162 Parachute Games includes examples of stories, action songs, role play, music etc which involve children moving with the parachute, going under it and on top of it and using small equipment and toys etc with it.

The number of activities which can be delivered for parachute games are limited only by the imagination!

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Introduction to Action Kids Parachute Games

Parachute games possess characteristics which are both similar to and distinct from any other area of physical activity or physical education.

Not only do they develop and combine both social and co-operative aspects in the games but also they allow children to experience the sheer exhilaration of coming together to bring the parachute to life.

Group Activity

A parachute cannot successfully be manipulated by only one, two or three children. It is the joint co-operation of a group which creates successful exciting and exhilarating results.

Another aspect of these activities which make them distinctive is the involvement and requirement of a major piece of equipment – a parachute silk. These can be obtained in different sizes according to need i.e. the number of children in the group and the size of the room or space to be used.

If funding is a problem however, it is important to recognise that a sari silk can be used to great advantage in a small group, or several saris can be crossed in the centre to form a “circle” for a larger group.

Fun Activities

There are obviously a limited number of basic structures involved in parachute games. However these can be used in a huge variety of contexts to add interest and fun, e.g. activities can be:-

  • the mastering of basic actions or structures
  • produced in different orders accompanied by story or rhyme
  • accompanied or guided by pieces of music
  • put into different imaginative situations
  • put into co-operative or competitive games
  • used with small pieces of equipment
  • involved in using and developing core skills such as counting, language, colour, shape, knowledge of the world etc
  • put into everyday situations e.g. baking a cake!

At their heart, all parachute games are sensory. They involve touching the parachute silk, moving beneath it or over it, lying beneath the canopy and watching it rise and fall above them or even being lifted in it or wrapped up like a birthday present!

Exciting for Children

For children these will be new and exciting sensations, and working together can create unforgettable experiences and a great deal of fun!

It is always important for the practitioner to enter into the spirit of games and activities with the children, however, in parachute games it is essential. The practitioner, plus any other adults present will need to spread around the parachute and grasp it and the games with both hands! It is a time to throw off inhibitions and enjoy the game.


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