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Action Kids 500 2nd Edition
Foundation Stage Physical Development with Fun
A Teaching manual and library of over 500 physical Development activities for 2- 5 year old children with a CD containing 56 tracks

By Val Sabin (2007)

Music Arranged and Performed by: John Gaine - flute, Neil Gowland - keyboard, guitars, Vicente Jover - Spanish guitar, Dave Mulligan - guitar, keyboard & bazooki, Fiona O'Hare - cello, Richard Smith - violin, Edward Smith - cello, John Smith - piano, Daniel Wright - trumpet, Jacob Grant - instrumentals

Action Kids is the most comprehensive and user-friendly teaching manual and library of over 500 activities and 56 pieces of music specially designed for pre-school children.

Parade day nursery

The teaching guide has information on differentiation, co-ordination and balance, mobility, spatial awareness, manipulative and aiming skills, outdoor and indoor resources, equipment and safety considerations. There is guidance on how to vary and develop movement through the principles of time, weight, space and flow, within a structured activity session.

The activities are in progressively structured and illustrated sections.

There are warm-ups, spatial awareness development activities, activities leading to gymnastics, games, dance, parachute play and calming-down activities.

These can be used individually on the carpet area or in any combination, indoors or outdoors, depending upon the situation, capabilities of the group, or topic being explored.

There are detailed learning objectives and suggested learning strategies for developing motor, manipulative and creative skills, social and co-operative skills, awareness of space and time, health and hygiene, safety, language and number.These are arranged in an easy to access format which helps with planning.

Girl playing with parachute

Example sets of activities are shown for eight different topics. There are ideas for assessing and recording children's progress suitable for all early years practitioners and play leaders.


This manual contains exactly the same material, but is printed on good quality card in a hard back file which enables practitioners in the purchasing school/setting to photocopy activities from the master file as they need them and create their own resource file.

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