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Sporty & Friends are a healthy, active group of characters who young children can relate to.

Sporty and Friends encourage activity and physical development in the early years. Children can move creatively to the original music and narrated story on CD or be stimulated by watching the accompanying DVD and copying the movements.

This group of child – friendly characters engage in different physical activities and travel to different destinations in beautifully illustrated, colourful books in A3 format for use with groups and classes of children-this is the first such journey.

These books, with accompanying activities and music are not only fun for children to engage with but are designed to further extend all areas of the EYFS curriculum:

  • Communication and language.
  • Physical development.
  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Language and literacy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Understanding the world.
  • Expressive arts and design.
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Action Kids “Sporty & Friends Get Fit” Sample Pages

View Action Kids “Sporty & Friends Get Fit” Sample Pages

Action Kids “Sporty & Friends Explore the Countryside” Sample Pages

View Action Kids “Sporty & Friends Explore the Countryside” Sample Pages

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Get Fit with Sporty and Friends with DVD and CD

“Sporty and Friends Get Fit”

“Sporty and Friends Get Fit” comprises an A3 book which is beautifully illustrated, showing Sporty and Friends doing different actions and eating healthy fruit and vegetables. Each illustration has the appropriate words of the “Get Fit” song so children will begin to identify and read them.

The Sporty & Friends Get fit song is lively, encouraging jumping, running, stretching and wiggling and shaking and eating healthy.

The illustrations and words on the page encourage engagement and direct or indirect access to most of the areas of the EYFS curriculum. The accompanying DVD can be played on interactive whiteboard for the whole group to copy and enjoy, or individual can ‘read’ the book or play the DVD to sing and dance on their own.

‘Reading’ and watching the DVD at the same time helps children to recognise and learn words.


Each individual Sporty & Friends publication is £35.00

Explore the Countryside Sporty and Friends with DVD and CD

“Sporty & Friends Explore the Countryside”

“Sporty & Friends Explore the Countryside” finds the group of friends going for a walk and experiencing different terrains and seeing different animals and creatures and being encouraged to move in different ways.

The story is narrated to music and when children “explore the countryside” they: walk through long grass with big strides, spring about with grass hoppers, paddle arms and legs like ducks, leap about on lilly pads like a frog and more.


Achieve Physical Literacy Through Outstanding Physical Education


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