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Action Kids 121 publication with CD

Action Kids 121 is a user friendly manual and library of physical development with fun activities has been specially designed for two and three year old children at home, in playgroups or in nurseries.

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Introduction to Action Kids 121

Containing 121 activities or groups of activities which are suitable for individuals, pairs or small groups and is accompanied by 38 pieces of original music on a CD.

There is information for guidance on:

  • differentiation
  • co-ordination
  • balance
  • mobility
  • spatial awareness
  • manipulative
  • aiming skills
  • outdoor and indoor resources
  • equipment and safety


The activities are grouped into sections on:- Copying and Role-Play; Words and Actions; Clapping; Moving and Stopping; Moving on Different Body Parts; Using Tools; Using a Ball; Balancing and Steering; Using Small Equipment; Large Apparatus; Shapes; Wiggling and Wriggling; Moods, Emotions and Rhythms; Matching, Grouping, Sorting and Filling, Parachute; Quiet. Photocopyable Alphabet-related images also run throughout the publication for children to colour in.

Role play, sand and water play and table top activities are contained in the manual, as well as activities for gross motor physical development. The activities provide opportunities for play on the carpet area, and in small and large spaces both indoors and outdoors.

Child Development

A sensitive approach by a parent, carer or other adult using the ACTION KIDS 121 activities promotes the development of locomotor skills, manipulative skills, physical fitness, co-ordination and balance in enjoyable ways for the child as well as providing sensory experiences through parachute play.

Additionally, there are many opportunities for children to increase their abilities to listen, concentrate, comprehend, focus and experience feelings of success and achievement as they improve their physical capabilities and fitness.


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