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Trampolining manual by Anne Higgins:

Trampolining by Anne Higgins
Trampolining paperback
  • 41 Skill development cards with lots of progressions and teaching points
  • DVD with all the trampoline moves up to Award 11 performed by international Trampolinists from Northampton
  • Independent learning aid cards
  • Lots of ideas for ‘Maximum Activity’
  • Supplementary Trampoline and floor Activities to work on with a partner, or individually
  • Conditioning cards to improve core strength
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Trampolining Sample Pages

View Trampolining Sample Pages

This Trampolining manual by Anne Higgins is suitable for Trampolining in schools and club environments.

Introduction to Trampolining manual by Anne Higgins

There is a Teaching Guide and 41 Skill Development plans, with detailed Progressions and Teaching points, covering all the moves in the British Gymnastics Award scheme up to and including Award 11.

There is a Trampoline DVD of all these skills in real time and slow speed, for learners to compare and improve their own performance after each session, by watching International Elite Trampolinists, from the Northamptonshire Trampoline Gymnastics Academy (NTGA) model the skills.


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