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Val Sabin Primary School Games Reception and Key Stage 1 (4-7 Years):

Val Sabin Publications Primary School Games KS1 manual
  • User-friendly scheme for the whole school.
  • A comprehensive scheme of work for Primary School Games Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (4-7 Years).
  • A true multi-skills approach.
  • Teaching guide including planning and assessment sheets.
  • 72 lesson plans.
  • 12 units of work.
  • Progressive and developmental structure.
  • Comprehensive section on teaching specific fundamental skills.
  • Photocopiable resources (in the purchaser’s school only).
  • Exceeds National Curriculum Guidance.
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Introduction to Primary Games Reception and Key Stage 1 (4-7 Years)

With this manual the teaching of games will be enjoyable and give a great sense of achievement to both children and teacher. This is an original framework containing interesting, exciting and proven material within a complete scheme of games experiences that are balanced and progressive. Delivery of the programmes for (4-7 years Reception, Key Stage 1) satisfies all the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The Teaching Manual

This manual offers a true multi-skills approach to the teaching of games. The manual enables the non-specialist Physical Education teacher to operate with high professional expertise right from the start by using the detailed lesson plans. However, before using the lesson plans, everyone is advised to read the sections on “Good Practice in Games”. These sections have many useful tips on organisation of equipment, children and playing space, differentiation, lesson structure, and suitable teaching strategies.

The Teaching Guide and Lesson Plans

There is a simple description of the “families” of games, a breakdown of essential personal skills, a section on inventing rules and creating games, and a table that illustrates clearly the progression and development which is planned into the scheme. The lesson plan material for 4-7 years develops from familiarisation to co-ordination and basic game activities.

The table of contents shows the detailed programme of study for every unit of work in each year and can be copied or adapted as the Games Scheme of Work for a school’s PE Policy.

Teaching Fundamental Specific Games Skills

There is a comprehensive section at the back of the manual on the teaching of specific fundamental games skills. Skills are broken down and teaching points provided.

Games lessons are ideally taught out of doors yet all the practices, game-like situations and games in the manual can, with careful organisation, be taught very effectively indoors should the weather be inclement.

The comprehensive programmes for 4-7 years (Reception and Key Stage 1) with the wide variety of practice and game-like challenges, provide the children, including those with additional needs, with rich experiences of co-operation, problem solving, creativity and small teamwork.

How can you use the scheme?

Long Term Planning

In the Teaching Guide the unit titles are set out in a grid to enable easy identification of Long Term Planning. There is more than enough material available for each year group and this enables schools and teachers to exercise choice when planning. The co-ordinator (in discussion with staff) identifies which of the four units of work will be used in each year group and places them in the relevant time slots.

Medium Term Planning

At the beginning of each unit of work, the medium term plan is detailed. It contains learning objectives, unit framework and expected learning outcomes together with references to the skill development section at the back of the manual. For Foundation Stage the Medium Term Plan follows the same format, but in addition, references are detailed for linking up “Action Kids Physical Development with Fun” activities.

Short Term Planning

The detailed lesson plans form the short-term planning. The detailed content allows teachers to use them in a way which is compatible with their levels of confidence and skill.


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