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Introduction to Positive Play Multi-Skills

We understand that organising a effective, safe and fun playground can be a daunting challenge with many issues to consider. This is why we created Positive Play Multi-Skills to give you the appropriate information you need to deliver effective games and activities. This resource includes the following:

  • Using the playground effectively and safely.
  • The importance and benefits of a positive playground.
  • 40 games and multi-skills activities using the most common playground markings.
  • Lunchtime supervision guide to Positive Play.
  • Concise information on playground safety and pupil welfare.
  • How to organise the play environment.
  • Advice on what to do when the weather is wet.
  • Advice on how to intervene in playground conflicts.

Having difficulty creating games for Primary School children in the playground?

This resource will help you as it contains 40 activities that have been specifically designed for safe use in lunch-times, break-times and after school. Many useful areas are covered including how to use the playground in a positive way, making the area safe for children,¬†using the playground effectively. It also includes a Buddies’ guide and useful checklist system, organising a games equipment and games card box, and more.

Included Games and Multi-Skills activities are:

  • Move It: (based on a single line)
  • Number Crunch: (based on hop scotch layout)
  • Practice Grid: (based on grid based system)
  • Target: (based on standard target type marking)
  • Compass: (based on simple north, east, west, south markings)
  • Crossed Ladders: (based on two intersecting grids)
  • Rings: (based on simple circular markings)

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