Primary School Gymnastics Key Stage 1 cover

Primary School Gymnastics for Reception and Key Stage 1 (4-7 Years)

by Val Sabin

Children moving apparatus ready for Gymnastics with Val Sabin

This Gymnastics Teaching Manual, now in its fifth edition, gives school teachers practical and definite guidance on material, lesson structure and the handling, construction and use of apparatus. It enables teachers to achieve a high quality of delivery and provide satisfying and progressive work for the children.

Whilst working as an advisor in primary schools in Northamptonshire I became aware of such needs as:- appropriate selection of themes; composition and suitable presentation of lessons; delivery of material in a progressive way; teaching basic specific skills safely; handling construction and use of apparatus; the need for a simple assessment scheme. This manual is designed to answer these problems in a thoroughly practical way. It provides a complete tool kit of 73 ready-made lesson plans with all the material you need. These include a detailed section on teaching specific skills, cards for ideas, skill teaching, check lists and core tasks, a CD containing a wall display to help with independent learning and assessment and a CD containing 32 tracks of music. It has been constructed to develop and progress children logically through a unit of work, through a year, from one year to the next and one key stage to the next.

The temptation with a manual such as this is to turn immediately to the lesson packs and select one for use! However, whatever the temptation, may I suggest that you initially read the introductory sections because they contain very important information on lesson structure, presentation, teaching gymnastics skills and apparatus handling, which will help you deliver the lesson packs in a more satisfying and enjoyable way, both for the children and yourself.

Every lesson plan contains enough material for the delivery of at least two lessons, and if occasionally you wish to select one lesson or a part pack, and develop it into a half-term unit, the sections at the front will explain the best way of doing it.

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SPECIAL NEEDS; There is no special needs section in this teaching manual. Tasks and activities have been designed to allow for achievement and success within a wide range of abilities. The author has found that slight adaptation of any of the tasks or going back a stage(s) in the teaching of skills would include most children with partial physical impairment or disability. Both the detailed, logical, build up of skills and the challenging extension cards in the “specific skills” section of the manual will prove very effective in developing the skills of children ranging from those who have co-ordination and mobility problems through to the gifted and talented.

This manual was originally produced and published to answer a specific need. All the material is thoroughly tested and proven and is now used in schools all over the world with excellent results. I am sure you will find it a very practical aid in the construction and delivery of a progressive scheme of work for gymnastics in your school ranging from those who have co-ordination and mobility problems through to the gifted and talented.



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